Buyers Agreement

Natural Horseman Saddles, Exclusive provider of Parelli Saddles, wants you and your horse to be happy
with our products and our service. The research and development we have performed insures our ability
to build a saddle system and customizable fit that provides satisfaction for you both. Our team is available
to serve you if you have custom fitting questions or concerns. In order to understand our Terms,
Conditions and Return Policy, please read our Buyers Agreement carefully.

All of our saddles are handcrafted by Master Saddlers, built on our proprietary SMARTFLX TM trees,
exclusively made for us by Steele Saddle Tree and Lariot England. All saddles engage the serious effort
and talent of a number of craftspeople and staff who go to work for you upon receipt of your order.
Each of our saddles is an individual piece of art, crafted incorporating natural, colored and/or oiled hides.
We utilize only the best quality-tanned leather from tanneries sourced in the US and in England. As a
natural product, leather can show scars the animal has incurred during its lifetime. Scars may become
more prominent after oiling and are often more evident on some colors (light oil, medium oil) than others
(chestnut, dark brown, black). Scars are individual “birth marks”, making every saddle very special and
unique. Since every hide is different, colors can tone differently. While one “medium oil” is darker or more
“orange” than another, “chestnut” can turn out anywhere from red to “brownish”. You should be aware that
a Western saddle color will likely darken over time due to loving care which must always include handrubbed
oil. Sun exposure will have an effect on the saddle color, too. The delivery time on your saddle is
regularly approx. 3 - 4 months. In rare cases, the production of your saddle can take up to 6 months or
longer. Delays in Customs Inspection offices when shipping internationally can easily extend the delivery
time you may wait for your saddle - this cannot always be foreseen and is simply out of our control.

A full payment is due when your saddle is ready to ship to you, which can be sooner than the 3 - 4 months

anticipated production schedule. If you are unable to do so immediately, we ask that a 50% payment be
made to secure that your saddle is held in our warehouse for the rest of the originally predicted 3 months
period of production. At the end of the 3 months period we ask for a full payment, so your saddle can be
shipped to you. If you cannot make your full or 50% payment, sadly, we will be forced to charge a 20%
re-stocking fee and offer the saddle for sale. For accessories full payment is due before we ship your order.
Natural Horseman Saddles may require a 50% deposit on the saddle order, depending on the type of saddle
and style, rider and horse specifications that are selected. A deposit will always be required if more than one
saddle is ordered. Our customer service team will notify you when a 50% deposit is required.

Any saddle order may be cancelled at no charge within 48 hrs of order, incl. orders on in-stock saddles. In
case the saddle has shipped already (in-stock saddles only), you, the customer, are responsible for round
trip shipping costs.
After expiration of 48hrs, Saddle orders cannot be cancelled, changed, returned or refunded at any time
without prior (to order) written agreement from Natural Horseman Saddles. If you wish to cancel your
order after expiration of 48 hrs after you have placed your order, in-store credit or exchange for alternative
saddle may be available in lieu at Natural Horseman Saddles discretion.
Any saddle accessory order may be cancelled at no charge within 48 hrs of order. In case the accessory
has shipped already, you, the customer, are responsible for round trip shipping costs. The cancelled items
must be returned to NHS prior to receiving the refund. After 48 hrs, saddle accessory orders are
considered final sale and are non-refundable and non-returnable except for in-store credit at NHS
Although all Natural Horseman Saddles products are non-refundable and non-returnable without prior
written agreement from Natural Horseman Saddles, please contact our customer service team and we will
do our best to address your concerns.

You understand that, upon receipt of the saddle or any other product, it will be subject to your inspection
and approval. It is your responsibility to inform us and report about damaged, defective items or incorrect
shippings within 7 days after you have received our shipment to qualify for refund, exchange or in-store
If you wish to return an (A) defective accessory or (B) an accessory that does not match your order,
please send us an email within 48 hrs to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#) and shipping
instructions. Natural Horseman Saddles will take care of round trip shipping for (A) and (B). For your
protection, we encourage you to send your approved return prepaid via UPS or FedEx utilizing our
instructions and/or emailed label. We do not accept COD. Save your shipping receipt and tracking
number for proof of return delivery.
Natural Horseman Saddles is not responsible for return packages that are lost or damaged by the return
shipping company.

In the event any of the following may occur, Natural Horseman Saddles will make its best effort to correct
the problem promptly. In all instances, Natural Horseman Saddles reserves the right to correct the
problem, repair material defects or replace a saddle for any of the reasons stated below. All repairs must
be performed by Natural Horseman Saddles’ approved craftspeople unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
Saddle is qualified for return and full-value money refund, exchange or in-store credit if any of the
following apply:
• Natural Horseman Saddles determines saddle cannot be repaired
• Natural Horseman Saddles fails to deliver design features which were part of your order
If your saddle qualifies for return/refund/exchange or in-store credit, saddle must be returned in its original
condition and box; including all parts and packaging. Call us at 1.970.403.1370 to obtain a Return
Authorization Number (RA#) and shipping instructions. Include a copy of the original invoice with your
return and write your RA# visibly on the outside of the box and on the original packing slip.
When qualifying for a refund, your original credit card will be credited once your return is processed. If
you paid by check or Paypal, your account will be credited. Note: A credit card refund can take up to 7-10
business days, depending on your credit card company and bank.
NOTE: Natural Horseman Saddles does not accept returns for the following reasons:
• Cosmetic objections such as color, leather shades and/or scars.
• Change of mind re: Saddle Model, Style (tooling, color, hardware etc.), seat size and/or
fender length. In case you need assistance to determine any of the above, please do not
hesitate to contact us at We are happy to help you make
the right decision for you and your horse by giving a suggestion based on our long term
experience, though you understand that final purchasing decision is your responsibility.
We encourage you to take advantage of our test ride program. NOTE: Demo/Stock

Saddles may be tried before purchase.

• In rare cases, Natural Horseman Saddles offers purchase opportunities for demo and/or
in-stock saddles. If you are offered the purchase of a demo/in stock saddle, you
understand those saddles are sold “as is” and are not returnable/refundable.
• In general, we do not offer refunds or returns on used items which may be offered for
purchase (in rare cases), though in-store credit may be applied with prior written approval
of Natural Horseman Saddles.
Natural Horseman Saddles, exclusive provider of Parelli Saddles offers a comprehensive Warranty on all
of our saddles, INCLUDING previously ridden / in-stock saddles for sale. Specific saddle models have
some specific detail differences. In order to find detailed information about each of our saddles’ specific
Warranty, please look under “Warranty” in each of our saddle categories on our website. Natural
Horseman Saddles´ Warranty is pledged to the original owner of the saddle and not transferable. The
Warranty will be voided if the saddle is not purchased through or directly.

I agree that my order is correct and meets with my specifications. By placing an order, you state that you
have read the Buyers agreement and agree to the terms.
Horse activities are inherently dangerous. Natural Horseman Saddles and it´s manufacturers,
distributors and sellers will not accept any responsibilities for injury, death, damage, lameness or
illness resulting for humans and/or horses from the use or misuse of Saddles & Saddle
Accessories offered by Natural Horseman Saddles.

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