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Natural Horseman Saddles I Natural Performer NATURAL PERFORMER

The NATURAL PERFORMER has been the first choice for students of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship levels program world wide for many years. Designed by Pat Parelli to offer comfort, versatility & safety for any horse/rider combination.

Our Price: $3,750.00
Pats Ranch Roper PAT'S RANCH ROPER

We blended master horseman Pat Parelli's knowledge & Savvy with our Smartflx foundation to create a heavy-duty working saddle that any Rancher, Buckaroo or Cowgirl/Cowboy would admire. PAT'S RANCH ROPER embodies more than the Parelli name, it is infused with Parelli wisdom.

Our Price: $5,400.00
Lindas Pro Dressage LINDA'S PRO DRESSAGE

Linda Parelli's vast knowledge of dressage incorporates her focus on how to create a HAPPY HORSE. This has afforded her the savvy to design a saddle offering mobility and freedom for horses and comfort/balance for riders to achieve their dressage dreams. The LINDA'S PRO DRESSAGE is function, beauty and performance in one.

Our Price: $5,400.00

The FLUIDITY GENERAL PURPOSE saddle is designed to be an extremely versatile tool for those who love to ride English! The All-Purpose nature of this saddle makes it a must have for those enjoying a variety of sports or setting goals in the Parelli program - in and outside of the arena.

Our Price: $3,750.00

Check out our in stock (new or pre-loved) & ready to ride Parelli Saddles. We have many of them listed here, but make sure to contact us and let us know what you are looking for. You could be riding the saddle of your dreams NOW.

Starting from $3,050.00
Contact us for details or purchase.

Parelli Saddles

why a saddle can make all the difference

The dawn of Parelli Saddles was sparked in 2001 by Linda Parelli's perpetual desire to help horses, who were often restricted in their natural movement while trying to perform under saddle. Also, riders in such saddles were generally put in the wrong place to be balanced, which caused additional discomfort for the Horse. The simple concept of thinking about how a saddle possibly feels from a horse's perspective soon became my personal, lifetime mission.

It felt like a risky venture when my husband, Art and I founded Natural Horseman Saddles back then. We had no idea that our intrigue would lead to a mastery quest so unique in history. Due to the size of the Parelli audience worldwide, our research incorporated what is likely the broadest range of horse breeds, sizes and rider disciplines ever studied on the subject of saddle fit and saddle product development. Everyone at Natural Horseman Saddles is dedicated to making the world a better place for horses. We are driven by love, passion, commitment to principle, curiosity and the thrill of the work when those big brown eyes give us a soft blink of approval

Pat, Linda, Art and Letitia at Two Worlds Summit 2019

Natural Horseman Saddles

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