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English Airpad or Smartpad with Shoulder and Center Shims:

When placed together in the position indicated, these two sets of shims transition-fit together and along your horse's body to accomplish the following:
1. They provide just enough "lift" to keep pressure off your horse's bulging shoulder muscles as they swing underneath the front of your saddle when your horse strides out.
2. They fill in for some too-thin muscle in the areas behind your horse's shoulders on either side of the spine. By doing this, they create a comfortable cushion-link to the underside of your saddle. Our research indicates this stimulates healthy biomechanics and will encourage your horse to push up closely underneath you.
3. They will also facilitate balancing your saddle seat properly so you should be able to access your balance point easily.

If you are new to shimming, it pays to know that there is often a need to experiment with position/placement of shims and sometimes even trying another pattern or combination of shims may benefit you and your horse.
If you are concerned that you are not setting things up correctly to achieve saddle balance or freedom of your horses shoulders, back or stride we suggest doing our FREE Saddle Fit a Evaluation located HERE.
As the owner of our Saddles and pads, that assistance is yours courtesy of our trained customer service team and requires some digital photos and information that gives us an overall assessment of your current set up.
Most importantly, ride your saddle and explore what some minor adjustments can do. Your horse is always changing shapes, posture and condition so this may be an evolving process.
To refresh your knowledge of WHY we shim, check out our video ‘The Principles of Shimming’ HERE.