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The ultimate Aussie Experience, the light Australian Halfbreed Sport Saddle

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The Classic AUSTRALIAN HALFBREED SPORT is a terrific little trail and sport saddle! Designed as a modern adaptation of a popular Downunder profile, it delivers great security despite its minimal body size. Incorporating our SMARTFLX foundation with all-leather styling.

The 'Aussie' holds the rider balanced securely via a nice, deep padded seat pocket. Minimal-sized saddle body with in-skirt riggings front and rear for excellent stability. It's a handsome, versatile, lighter choice to serve you well in arenas for clinics and games, too.
  • Lighter weight than traditional western saddles
  • Small single layer rear skirts sculpted close to tree
  • Free-swinging fenders for rider support and ease of leg aids
  • Padded soft leather bicycle-shaped seat
  • Well-dished cantle for deep seated rider security
  • Tough and versatile - can be used as an 'everyday' saddle (trail, arena & training)
  • Innovative and exclusive Smartflx foundation - creating freedom, comfort & space for horse to achieve maximum efficiency in stride
  • Suits all breeds. Our 2 gullet sizing choice and interface tools suit all sizes, shapes and conformations
  • Hand crafted and made to order -
  • Fixed cosmetic options (Large choice available at 'Custom' level)

This saddle is available in seat size 14.5" - 17.5" *additional sizes may be available with consultation*

Fenders are detachable, but will not automatically come off in an "oh no" situation.

The CLASSIC AUSTRALIAN HALFBREED SPORT is available in color light oil, without border tooling and with plain conchos or leather rosette only. If you are interested in more design options and advanced features, please have a look at the CUSTOM AUSTRALIAN HALFBREED SPORT.

Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand: Your order will ship from our US Headquarters in Bayfield, Colorado. Prices do not include tax or any other fees associated with the import of your saddle. Please check with your local import department for your country´s import procedure and fees. In case you need any assistance, please contact saddles@naturalhorsemansaddles.com
Our Price: $2,850.00

Availability: The AUSTRALIAN SPORT SADDLE will be hand crafted in the US within 3-4 months


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  • Pommel (Fork): Hornless with a slight rearward lean orientation. Traditional Australian "poleys" (thigh rolls) are not oversized and offer good rider security without over-trapping. Wither clearance is generous .
  • Cantle: 3.5"// 7.6 cm tall with with significant "dish" that hugs rider securely. Top of cantle is leather bound without a Cheyenne roll.
  • Seat: Grippy soft-padded textured brown leather bicycle-shaped seat, top-sewn onto the rough out leather seat jockey. Seat pocket is well defined and deep.
  • Leather: #1 Quality veg-tanned leather hides used exclusively. Color choices include Light Oil, which will darken to deeper, richer medium tone over time.
  • Skirts: Minimal back skirts contour closely to tree profile, offering the horse maximum freedom in the loin area but plenty of weight-distributing support.
  • Tooling: No Tooling
  • Hardware: Stainless steel or brass rigging, D's and back cinch roller buckles.
  • Conchos: NHS #1 LD Leather Rosette, NHS #10 SD Hawkeye Brushed Steele Finish Domed or NHS #10 BD Hawkeye Brushed Brass Finish Domed. All conchos for this saddle model are domed with screws on the reverse side to install securely in the saddle tree. Conchos listed are available on new saddle orders and not available for individual sale.
  • Main cinch rigging: Flat plate, In-skirt.
  • Rear cinch rigging included: Angled in-skirt rear D with doubled-and-stitched flank billets and back cinch includes a short cinch hobble for connecting to main cinch. Rear cinch should be buckled snugly for best stabilization of the back of the saddle, and short hobble enables pressure to be located in the horse’s sternum area and not impact the soft abdominal region.
  • Fenders: Free-swinging for optimum rider leg flexibility and communication. Stirrups are connected via a 'Texas twist', which sets them in perfect position to accept your foot with no strain on your knees. Cut to size for Rider inseam length. 6 basic leg length sizes available, with numbered adjustment strap holes at 1/2” // 12.7 mm increments.
  • Stirrups: Classic model features 2" Aluminum with rubber inset footbed.
  • Latigos on both sides: for main cinch rigging, no off-side billet.
  • Tie strings: 2 sets held by small drop-D rings under domed brass or steel conchos.
  • Breast Collar D-rings: Set high for freedom of shoulder movement.
  • Cinch keeper installed on right side off concho at base of saddle.
  • Underside: Durable, resilient Felt
  • Seat sizes 14.5 - 17.5 available.
  • Length of saddle: From front of saddle to back of curve at widest point: 23.5 - 24.5” / 60-62 cm
  • Weight of saddle: Approximately 28 lbs // 12.7 kg
Handcrafted in the US.
Australian Halfbreed Sport Saddle Tour
"Welcoming" the horse’s back in motion requires that you MANAGE THE INTERFACE – which is the space between your horse’s body and the underside of the saddle. After incorporating a good saddle, this is the next most important factor for successful saddle fit when you want to give your horse the opportunity to enjoy the journey with you. With SmartSaddlePads.com saddle pads and tapered foam shims you are best equipped to custom fit the interface of your horse to adapt to individual age, top line shape and state of training.


The very special SMARTFLX™ shape provides room needed for the horse’s back to come up in performance of any athletic maneuvers, especially ones requiring significant engagement or “collection”. Also sculpted into the SMARTFLX™ shape are the ergonomic considerations built in for the rider which enable feeling close to the horse´s body and it´s movement while securely balanced and unstressed in hip, knee and ankle joints. The “bars” and “groundseat” of the SMARTFLX™ western tree are a one-piece molded shape based on years of research and development incorporating thousands of horses worldwide. This molded piece is formed utilizing a particular, extraordinary elastomer compound material that is solid enough to support the rider and protect the horse's back yet flexible enough to allow the horse to move as nature intended and the human to feel connected in harmony. It is amazingly thin and keeps you close to your horse. Our wooden forks and cantles provide the base stability to hold the bars at the attitude and angle that our research proved was optimal. Our english saddles are constructed with the same principles regarding the spacious, welcoming shape we know is necessary for healthy, comfortable movement. English SMARTFLX™ trees are handcrafted by Master Saddlers in England utilizing digitally sculpted, laminated beechwood bars reinforced by steel head plate and thin diagonal steel bands that support appropriate diagonal flexibility. Because the SMARTFLX™ trees are sculpted to welcome the expanded “moving” horse body, there is room to accommodate an enormous variety of horse breeds and sizes.

unique shimming concept provides a simple way to offer dynamic custom fit. The welcoming “hug” of our saddles’ undersides provides for a physically and mentally un-restricted equine athlete capable of enjoying full physical potential under saddle.

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