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Lightweight Saddle Easy Rider - the comfortable saddle on the trail The ultimate Aussie Experience, the light Australian Halfbreed Sport Saddle
Our Price: $2,450.00
Our Price: $2,650.00

CARRY ME is easy to lift (just 20 pounds) yet capable of taking care of the horse as well as we know how to do while carrying the rider in a secure padded leather seat.

The EASY RIDER is born of 15 years of research, development and testing focused on earning the horse´s approval. It also wins the appreciation of riders who want to feel comfortable, athletic and safe in the arena or out on the trail. Our mission is to enable horses to move as nature intended even while carrying a saddle and rider: unrestricted in the shoulder and able to lift the back up into a saddle that welcomes such flexion.

For those of you who just love the style and feel of an Australian "halfbreed" saddle, here's a terrific little sporty ride. The Australian Halfbreed Sport edition is a stylish looking and extremely versatile saddle.
Western Freedom saddle for all western sports
Our Price: $2,980.00

The WESTERN FREEDOM is styled as a very traditional western profile without buck rolls and performs as a terrifically versatile saddle tool. Pursuing high level horsemanship goals or casual trail rides are pleasurable in its fully padded seat with a nice seat pocket.